Main Features

About JKinside page

Here are Some of the Important Features about your Independent JKinside Page.

  • Featured Image

    The featured image is the main header image that is displayed on the top of a Jkinside page. We suggest to use the best image that describes or showcases your page.

  • Description

    Add description to your page that best describes your Organization,Business,Place etc

  • Categories

    Add Category that best describe your business.A Jkinside page may have more than one category (2 or 3 maximum ) but the category must be related to your business

  • Location and Map

    Add a Proper location to your place from the list ; You may only select the District if you are not sure about the constituency. On the right side you should also locate the place in the map available.

  • Address and Contact Details

    Add address and contact details;Make sure the details you give are genuine and true.

  • Detail Images or Slider Images

    Give your page a unique look by providing some of the great looking images about your Jkinside Page.You may add upto 3 images for image slider

  • Video

    If you have a video that describes the business page; you may add the link from Youtube,Vimeo or other available video hosting services

Additionally a JK Inside page has following Features


You can add events like Discount pages, Special offers etc on your Jkinside page

Isn't that Great

You may keep your customers updated with the latest happening in your business,shop,place,company etc


The people visiting your place can give reviews to your page.

It will be Engaging.

It will help others to know about your business and give a visit to you.


The happy customers will provide awesome ratings to your service.


Ratings will Help your business to expand and grow.

Awesome Google Maps

The Embedded Google maps will help your customers to reach out to you easily

It is Easy ; It is Free

JkInside page will help people to find you easily